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Our Beaches

The best surf beaches on New Zealand’s coastline…
all within a few minutes drive!

Te Arai, Forestry and Mangawhai have been the go to beaches for surfers for decades. On Auckland’s East Coast and just over an hour’s drive from Auckland city, they’re easy to get to and are well known for their safe conditions, consistent surf, white sand and clear water. We also operate on beaches closer to Auckland, such as Orewa, Omaha and Pakiri. Let the Aotearoa Surf team show you around!


Get the best advice, from locals who know where to go!

Surf Forecast NZ Wide

Not sure whether the conditions are right for you? Check out Our How to Read Surf Charts and Reliable Surf Forecast tool. You don’t need much swell for Te Arai, only 0.2 of a metre. Other beaches such as Orewa, Tawharanui, Omaha need at least 0.8m and Mangawhai heads needs at least 0.5m.

Alternatively, give us a buzz. Call +64 9 431 5760 and we’ll be happy to discuss where the best beaches are to visit on the day based on the conditions and your skill level!

Te Arai – Our Home Break

Te Arai is Auckland’s #1 surf beach offering pristine white sand beaches and a campground within the regional park. It is well known by surfers for consistent conditions. The quarry at Te Arai that makes for a safe swimming and snorkelling area. Facilities include; parking, toilets and change rooms.

What to know: Most consistent swell on the East Coast from Auckland to Whangerei.

Waipu, Mangawhai, Langs &
Forestry – Nearby Surf Breaks

Waipu Cove

Waipu Cove

Waipu is a long sandy surf beach with safe swimming, surfing and fishing. The wave at Waipu is half the size of Te Arai and Mangawhai. Enjoy exploring the rock pools and the secluded surroundings. The Cove beachside cafe is the perfect spot for breakfast.

What to know: Great beach on large swell days because the surf is smaller, also great for longboard action

Mangawhai Heads

For surfers, the waves are smaller than Te Arai however it has a world-class wave on the bar on low tide. Beach surf mid to high. A smaller beach than Te Arai, it is busy during holidays with limited parking. It is great for surfing and swimming and gives access to the clifftop walk.

What to know: Watch out for hidden rocks when surfing and keep your eye out for the local dolphin pods!

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Langs Beach

Langs Beach

Langs Beach is a picturesque beach, perfect for a swim, walk or relax under the Pohutukawa trees. It offers the smallest wave of all beaches, is spotlessly clean and has a growing residential population. Langs needs some big swell to get into the bay, and it’s very sheltered from the wind

What to know: Don’t surf the right on the low or the high tide as it can be dumpy, this wave is best on the mid-tide. When the swell is big, get into those 3ft barrels.

Forestry Beach

Forestry is a beach break and can act like a left- hand point break that is good for all levels of surfer. Forestry is popular because it allows the ability to walk your pups! It’s the perfect spot for those wanting a little privacy. We regularly swap between Forestry and Te Arai for our surf lessons.

What to know: Protected from Northerly winds

Forestry Beach

Ruakākā, Orewa, Omaha &
Further Away Surf Breaks

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