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9’0 Aotearoa Surf – NZ Commercial Leash – Black White


9’0 Aotearoa Surf – NZ Commercial Leash – Black White



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Aotearoa Surf has been operating since 2001 and in that time have gone through our fair share of hardware and accessories!

We have spent years on design and modification and have partnered with top manufacturers to bring you quality surf products.

Designed with heavy commercial surf school use in mind
All products are premium and we believe the best performance and value on the market
Made with local knowledge for NZ tough conditions

We always target 100% natural products wherever we can.
Our mission is to strive for sustainable, high performance, durable & comfortable products both that we design or supply!



How to attach your leash
– Make sure your leash string is not too long and able to touch your rails around the tail, if it can it will cut into your board on wipeouts causing damage
– Either shorten the leash string or double up your string folding in half and slip your rail saver through the 2 loops
– Only the rail saver should reach your boards rails