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Matunas Organic Wax – Cool 90g

Matunas Organic Wax – Cool 90g



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Matunas is a stand out favourite!

Matunas is the original, world first,all natural, eco-friendly, non-soy based, biodegradable surf wax
All fragrances and ingredients are locally sourced from their 25 acre farm

With over a dozen team riders using the brand the proof is in the pudding

This stuff¬†provides great grip, and is completely eco friendly and biodegradable. It’s¬† non-soy based, and the fragrances are from real strawberries, raspberries, and jasmine flowers.

Ditch the chemicals, and enjoy the waves with this all natural wax!

  • Completely Eco-Friendly: All Natural, organic, Biodegradable, & non-toxic
  • Provides excellent grip, even better than those chemical based competitors
  • Wrappers printed with recycled ink on 100% recycled paper




  • Use BASE wax for the base coat. This is a hard wax designed to keep bumps hard and not melt in the sun
  • Cross thatch the board and apply the wax softly to start. You will see the bumps rise where the thatches were cross
  • Use increasing pressure and get at least half a block of base wax on there
  • Now your ready to go. Apply COOL or WARM wax as a top coat when you get to the beach