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Best Media Sources To Get Your Daily Dose Of Surfing Around NZ

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Best Media Sources To Get Your Daily Dose Of Surfing Around NZ

Betty Zine

Betty Zine X Aotearoa Surf School


It all began in Lockdown… with the hope of keeping the surfing world entertained during these crazy times. We can actually remember this time last year when the Betty Zine was released! They may be new to the scene but that’s not to say they don’t offer some of NZ’s best surfing related content that the country has to offer!

From their base in Muriwai, they now boast a print and online magazine, online shop, business directory, online blog, social media channels, email newsletters and even product and board reviews!

And their goal still remains the same; to showcase [New Zealand’s] women, the work that they do, the things that they create and the waves that they ride.


Some Of Our Favourite Articles:

Spotlight On The Surfers Of Te Arai


Why? Because some of our OG Surf Sistas are featured!

30 days of Surf in September…#MakeAWave lockdown challenge!


Why? ‘Cause they’re promoting donations to SurfAid through their #MakeAWave challenge.

A Typical Surfer


Why? Because the history of surfing is just one of the coolest things to read about.


Who is it for?

Created by gurfers, for gurfers!


What’s covered?

EVERYTHING surf related!


How can I check them out?

Website: https://www.bettyzine.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/betty.zine/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/surfbettyzine/


Urban List NZ

Urban List NZ X Aotearoa Surf School


Known internationally, and recognised and Australia’s BEST media brand of the year, the New Zealand section of the Urban List website and blog is FILLED to the brim with all things NZ; news, things to do, food and drink, style, health, travel and so much more! It’s their commitment to providing education and awareness on sustainability that has us the most intrigued; their articles cover everything from supporting businesses that are doing better by the planet to ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and help slow climate change!

“We filter the good from the great so you spend less time researching and more time living.”

With an audience of over million people world wide, there’s no doubt that they’re covering the best of the best in terms of what our beautiful country has to offer.


Some Of Our Favourite Articles:

The 6 Best Places You Can Learn To Surf In And Around Auckland


Why? Well because our amazing Surf School is featured of course!

Riding The Wave | How This Female Kiwi Designer Is Challenging The Surf Industry


Why? ‘Cause we’re OBSESSED with the boards created by Salt Gypsy.

Auckland’s Best Secret Surf Spots To Check Out This Weekend


Why? Because Auckland’s best beach is featured (Te Arai – I swear we’re not bias!)


Who is it for?

Everyone and everything!


What’s covered?

News, Things To Do, Food & Drink, Style, Health, Career & Money, Entertainment, Sustainability & more!


Where can I check them out?

Website: https://www.theurbanlist.com/nz

Instagram: https://instagram.com/urbanlistnz

Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/UrbanListNZ/


Remix Magazine

Remix Magazine X Aotearoa Surf School


Remix is New Zealand’s leading media authority in the world of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and culture. They release a 300 page mag to the public quarterly, giving you your dose on everything NZ! The magazine has their base and production located in our fave city, Auckland and has been in operation since the 70’s!

Hailed internationally as ‘New Zealand’s answer to Vogue’, Remix is the only magazine from New Zealand to photograph and interview global superstars for the cover of each issue. 

Expect to find inspiration from the worlds of art, automotive, beauty, business, celebrity, cuisine, design, fashion, film, fitness, interiors, menswear, music, technology, travel and wellbeing – there is something for everyone!

As well as their magazine, they offer an online supplement, a blog, newsletters and social media channels on which you can grab your daily need-to-know!


Some of our favourite articles:

10 Photographs To Remind You That Kiwi’s Coastlines Are The World’s Most Beautiful. 


Why? Because we’re New Zealand travels #1 supporters

Adventurous Active Breaks In Aotearoa.


Why? Cause we can’t turn down a NZ adventure!

Top Seven Beaches Around Auckland Without Millions Of People.


Why? Because Te Arai gets a mention – of course!


Who is it for?

All ages & genders – opinion-leaders, tech-savvy and style conscious


What’s covered?

Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle & Culture


Where can I check them out?

Website: https://www.remixmagazine.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/remixmagazine/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/remixmagazine/


For any additional reading on surf tips & trick and the latest news of what is happening with Aotearoa Surf head to some more of our blogs!

Much Love – The Aotearoa Surf Team xx

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