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Ocean Gypsy – Healing Balm 48gm

Ocean Gypsy – Healing Balm 48gm



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Aotearoa Surfs go to for any dry or chafed sink, as its all natural and infused with Kawakawa and Hemp.

Ocean Gypsy Healing Balm is the perfect solution for chafed, dry & irritated skin made using kawakawa & hemp oils this balm is super nourishing and protective.   

The protection comes from the sunflower wax which gives the skin a protective coating keeping in moisture.  The nourishing and hydration is from the Mango Butter, Camelia Oil, Kawakawa infused Olive Oil, Vitamin E Oil & Hemp Oil.  

Infused with Rose Geranium which is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.   

With having no water fillers this Ocean Gypsy Balm goes a long way.  

Vegan Friendly


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