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Platino Surfboard

Platino Surfboard



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Platino Surfboards range from 6′ to 6’6” and are good for any surfer up to 85kg.

The 6′ is the all rounder great for kids, and can also act as a performance board for more advanced surfers.

The 6’6″ has that extra volume which helps with a bit more float and ride.

If your over 90kg we suggest to look at the 9’0 Longboard or at the SSR Wide Softboards.

In most cases bigger is better, this will help with having much more fun and catching more waves, however not too big that the surfer finds the board awkward and difficult to handle in the water.

We have these boards in our fleet and are available for demo.


The Platino range is designed for any surfer that wants to have fun in the water.

Primarily as your first surfboard or for those days to catch waves easily.
Remember the best surfer is the one that has the most fun.

Platino is fun!

  • 5’6” Fish for kids 10 years or under up to 45kg (or intermediate surfers of any age up to 65kg)
  • 6′ Fish or Surfboard for kids up to 12 or 13 years  and under 55kg (or intermediate surfers of any age up to 75kg)
  • 6’6” Surfboard is for kids  up to 12 or 13 years and up to 65kg (or intermediate surfers of any age up to 80kg)
  • 7′ Funboard is for any surfer up to 70kgs.
  • 7’6” Funboard is for any surfer up to 80kgs.
  • 8′ Longboard is for any surfer up to 90kgs.
  • 9′ Longboard is for any surfer up to 100kgs.

CONSTRUCTION: Wooden stringers moulded into the core

CORE: EPS (Expanded Beaded Polystyrene)

DECK: WBS IXL (Crosslink Polyethylene with Water Barrier Skin)

BOTTOM: H.D.P.E. (High Density Polyethylene)

FINS: One centre fin and two side fins with six screws

INCLUDES: Fins, Tail Bumper strengthening, Traction Pad and  Leash.

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