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9 Reasons To Get Your Kids Surfing This Summer!

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9 Reasons To Get Your Kids Surfing This Summer!

1. Increases confidence in the ocean and beach safety skills 

There are a lot of life skills that your kids will learn when surfing. There is nothing more important than feeling confident when your child is at the beach/ in the ocean. Swimming skills, how to handle a rip, being confident in bigger surf and trusting their own strength and perseverance when things get difficult or become outside of their comfort zone.

Aotearoa Tip: Make sure your child expresses to you that they are ready and feeling comfortable to go out on a surfboard alone. Surfing can be quite daunting at first and it’s certainly best to get some lessons and ease them into the sport to avoid scaring them and putting them off completely.

2. Make new friends

Kids can begin surfing from as young as 2, meaning that there are plenty of age options for kids to begin socializing and making new friends. There’s no better way for a child to make friends than to share the fun and hardships of learning a new sport.

surfing Aotearoa surf

3. Get them off that damned xBox!

Ahhhhh, the beautiful outdoors! We’ve ALL said it to them; when I was younger, we used to play outside! Sadly, a lot of our kids don’t quite have the same appreciation for nature as we once did. Surfing can take your children to some of the most beautiful beaches, and when surfing, you get to experience these incredible landscapes from a whole new perspective – looking back at shore as apposed to out to sea.

4. It’s a FULL body workout

People STRONGLY underestimate how much two hours of surfing takes it out of you. Surfing combines strength and endurance and burns a lot of calories!

5. Balance, coordination and flexibility

On top of a physical work out, the skills of balance and coordination are a major part of surfing. This skill carries over into every day life for kids surfing. In terms of flexibility, surfing is a fantastic contribution. This not only helps you to become a better surfer but also prevents injuries both on and off the board!

kids surfing Aotearoa surf

6. Relief of anxiety and stress

Similarly to other sports and water activities, surfing releases endorphins which helps to offset the negative effects of stress. This can be particularly useful for teens experiencing the stress of increased homework, hormones and life as they make the transition from childhood into adulthood. On top of this, as a result of the magnesium in salt water, your body will feel calmer.

7. Improves sleep

The salt water in the ocean also helps to normalize blood pressure, helping you sleep better and naturally boosting your mood. This is important as it allows some time for your muscles to repair themselves, leaving you waking up feeling exercised and refreshed!

Aotearoa surf

8. Spend quality time with your family

Surfing is one of those sports that will bring your whole family together. Whether you’re all having a laugh at how silly you look trying to stand up on the boards as complete beginners, or battling it out for waves together as more advanced surfers, you’ll find yourselves and your kids in a constant ‘smiling’ state. Make a day of it, drive to a more exotic spot, bring some snacks and lunch along and enjoy the time together.


The best part of kids surfing is how FUN it can be! Once you nail a few of the basics; paddling, catching waves, standing up… then things become a LOT easier and a hell of a lot more fun! Many people use surfing in their everyday lives as a stress reliever, something they do to feel relaxed, have fun, catch up with friends and make the most of the day!

Aotearoa surf

Contact us here at Aotearoa Surf School to book in a lesson today:

Phone: 09 431 5760
Email: surf@aotearoasurf.co.nz
Website: www.aotearoasurf.co.nz

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