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ICE-COLD surf videos: our favourites

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ICE-COLD surf videos: our favourites

Surfing in freezing cold water is a thrilling challenge that beckons the daring at heart. Unlike tropical beaches, these icy waters offer a unique, exhilarating experience, attracting surfers craving an adrenaline rush amidst the biting chill.

Clad in thick wetsuits, gloves, and boots, surfers brave the frigid waves, feeling the icy ocean against their skin. Coldwater surfing demands exceptional skill and endurance, as surfers navigate powerful waves while battling numbing temperatures. Despite harsh conditions, enthusiasts are drawn to the raw beauty of frosty coastlines, where snow-capped mountains meet the vast, untamed ocean. It’s not merely a sport but a spiritual connection with nature, a dance between human courage and the elements, making surfing in freezing cold water an unforgettable, soul-stirring experience for those who dare to embrace its icy allure.

Surfing NUMB. What it’s like to surf in FREEZING COLD water and the crazy people that are doing it. Here are our FAVOURITE ice-cold YouTube surf videos: 

Torren Martyn | NORDURLAND – An Arctic Surfing Adventure


Arctic Swell | Surfing the Ends of the Earth


Comfortably Numb | Mick Fanning & Mason Ho on #TheSearch by Rip Curl


Freezing – Cold Water Surf Videos

Avoiding Freezing to Death and Scoring Arctic Surf | Scenes From Coldwater Journal


H&M Life | Sports Studio: Cold Water Surf with Freddie Meadows


Weird Waves Season 2: Glacier Surfing (Alaska) | Surf | VANS


Can you surf the freezing cold waters in Canada? | Olympic Outposts

Not a fan of surfing in the icy cold waters? That’s okay with us we prefer our warmer waters here up in Te Arai! So join us for a lesson or program and lets have some fun. Book Here or call us on 09 431 5760

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