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Gnaraloo Schoolie Wide – 7’4 | 8’4 | 9’2

Gnaraloo Schoolie Wide – 7’4 | 8’4 | 9’2



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The Gnaraloo Softshell Schoolie is designed with extra width, thickness and overall volume making this surfboard extremely buoyant, stable and easy to ride. This is the ideal board for surf schools and first timers.

SKIN: Thick Polyethylene deck and a soft slick skin on the bottom is super durable, yet soft enough to keep beginners safe.

CORE: Expanded polystyrene core with thick dual plywood stringers provides a stiff, stable platform. While other softboards can over flex, our boards maintain rocker integrity so you can jump to your feet quickly and confidently ride waves.

CONSTRUCTION: Vacuum construction process eliminates hard or sharp surfaces, and prevents peeling or bubbling. Heavy-duty nose and tail bumper reinforced zones provide added durability for transportation and storage.

FEATURES: Convenient carry handle for easy mobility. Leash plug with HD internal reinforcements.

The Gnaraloo Fatty comes in three key sizes and has a special rocker profile (the curve of the board) that’s designed so beginners can learn, progress and have endless fun on the waves.


NOTE: Rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level

7’4″ 23″ 3 7/8″ 81 ltr Push through soft fin  ideal for all weights
8’4″ 23 1/2″ 3 7/8″ 93 ltr Push through soft fin  ideal for all weights
9’2″ 24″ 4″ 110 ltr Push through soft fin  ideal for all weights


Construction Softshell Construction

Boards with Soft Shell construction feature much more technology then the eye can see. They are a combination of materials designed to allow the board to perform to the highest levels given the constraints of the flexibility of the materials. All boards feature an integrated Fin System, 2 or 3 Wooden Stringers depending on the size of the board to ensure the board is stiff enough. A lightweight EPS core combined with a PE foam layer on the deck and a High-Density PE Slick that is mounted to a thin PE Foam layer on the bottom give the board an awesome feel in the water. Soft enough not to hurt should you fall on it but hard enough to handle the power of the waves.

Board Contours Flat Bottom
Rail Full Rail
Surfer Skill Level Beginner
Wave Height


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