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SIC Darkhorse 5’8 Vortex

SIC Darkhorse 5’8 Vortex



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The DARKHORSE (VORTEX) 5’8″ comes with:
– Vortex™ construction: Foam and Glass Hybrid Soft Top/Bottom,
– Molded EPS core,
– HDPE with Vectra Ply reinforced skin with IXPE (Irradiated cross-linked polyethylene) foam backing for durability and protection,
– PVC reinforced FCS Fusion compatible finboxes,
– FCS Fusion compatible 5-fin setup,
– Nylon fin set,
– Leash plug,
– High density EVA wrapped rails.

Max rider weight: 170 lbs/77,1 kg

The all new SIC Darkhorse is stepping up the game with its Vortex™ construction (Foam and Glass Hybrid Soft Top/Bottom) fusing the highest quality soft board technology with composite material and a marine grade wooden stringer. The full-length wooden stringer creates an I-Beam between the top and bottom glass. The Darkhorse features a lightweight, molded, EPS foam core. The bottom and top skin are a high-quality HDPE with Vectra Ply with IXPE (Irradiated cross-linked polyethylene) foam backing for durability and protection. The rails are a high-density EVA to increase durability while remaining comfortable on your arms when paddling.
Shaper Jon Henderson Santa Cruz


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