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Surfing For Good, Take 3 For The Sea

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Surfing For Good, Take 3 For The Sea

Surfing is a lifestyle that’s all about connecting with the ocean; it is not just a sport or a hobby – it’s a way of life. And for many surfers, that connection comes with a strong desire to protect the environment. That’s where beach cleanups and initiatives like Take 3 for the Sea & Surfing for Good come in.

Take 3 for the Sea:

Take Three for the Sea is a movement started by two surfers, Kyle Thiermann and Zander Morton. They wanted to make a difference in the fight against ocean pollution. The idea is simple: whenever you’re at the beach, just pick up three pieces of litter and dispose of them properly. It’s a small action that can make a big difference in keeping the ocean and its wildlife healthy.

Surfing For Good | Take 3 for the Sea with Aotearoa Surf

Aotearoa Surf:

But Take Three for the Sea isn’t the only way surfers are making a difference. Aoteroa Surf is the largest Surf School in New Zealand and is doing their part by hosting and promoting initiatives such as “Take 3 for the Sea” and launching their own “Surfing For Good Program“. Aotearoa Surf has made a big impact locally through multiple sustainability avenues. Such as hosting beach cleanups, promoting eco-friendly practices such as recycling and reducing the businesses carbon footprint. They are also passionate about educating the locals and customers on proper surf and ocean conservation. They have even received the New Zealand Qualmark Gold Award for their tireless efforts to preserve New Zealand coastlines. All it takes to support a company doing good for the environment is to book a lesson, get behind their initiatives or purchase something from their shop!

Surf Rider Foundation:

There’s also other international initiatives such as the Surfrider Foundation. A non-profit organisation founded by surfers in 1984. Surfrider Foundation works on a range of ocean-related issues, like water quality and plastic pollution, and advocates for policies that protect the environment.

Surfing For Good | Take 3 for the Sea with Aotearoa Surf

Local Events

Surfing and beach cleanup events are another great way for surfers to get involved and make a difference. These events bring together surfers and community members to pick up litter and debris from local beaches. They are a great way to meet like-minded individuals and to take action to protect the ocean.

All of these efforts demonstrate the power of the surfing community to make a positive impact on the environment. So if you’re a surfer or just someone who loves the ocean, consider taking part in a beach cleanup or supporting organisations like Take Three for the Sea. Together, we can protect the ocean and ensure that it remains a beautiful and healthy place for generations to come.

Surfing For Good | Take 3 for the Sea with Aotearoa Surf

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