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The Benefits of Surfing On Your Health

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The Benefits of Surfing On Your Health

Surfing involves a myriad of different aspects, that have proven to benefit both your physical health as well as mental well-being. The following are some of the top benefits of surfing on your health:

1 . It boosts cardiovascular health

Surfing improves circulation throughout the body by increasing heart rate, particularly when paddling.  Your cardiovascular activity increases during surfing as the heart must supply blood to the body in a fast fashion, this, in turn, strengthening your cardiovascular system.


2 . It’s a great way to get in some social time

Whilst surfing is generally considered a solo sport, you’ll find that at most breaks there are others out surfing as well. From checking the surfing, to sitting out in the water between sets, to heading surfing with some friends, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to meet a bunch of like-minded, ocean lovers.

3 . It enhances creativity

Surfing offers individuals the chance to express themselves through special styles that suit their abilities and personality; it enables you to be creative, develop new skills and even try surfing at different locations around the world.

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4 . It relieves stress

Surfing helps your mind stay calm as you focus on reading the waves, and tune into the rhythm of the ocean. It offers an escape from daily pressures and anxieties, giving you the chance to relax and lose yourself in the moment.

5 . It helps in building strong muscles

Surfing requires strength and balance regardless of the size of the surf. Most people find when they begin surfing they will walk away with extremely sore arms from paddling – this is normal! Not only are your arms being worked, you will build upon your cord strength as well as leg muscles from balancing/ turning. Over time, these movements improve your agility and strength, allowing you to surf for longer and paddle faster!

Benefits of surfing

6 . It enhances flexibility

Surfing is also known for improving your overall flexibility as you contort yourself into complicated positions while balancing on a surfing board to ride breaking waves or do different tricks. Surfing allows individuals with limited flexibility to improve overall flexibility and enhance overall surfing performance.

7 . It helps build both ocean-confidence and self-confidence

Surfing offers an exhilarating experience; it improves mental focus, encourages individuals to handle challenging situations calmly, and boosts overall confidence levels. Not only does it improve your physical health but your mental health too! Through practice, small achievements and skill growth, you will find your self-esteem boosted and your ocean knowledge consistently improving.

Benefits of surfing on your health

8 . It strengthens your core muscles

Surfing requires a LOT of paddling, plus some balance when standing, both helping strengthen your core muscles (the abdominal, back, and pelvic muscles).

9 . It’s a great way bond family/ friends  

A group surf lesson is a super fun activity for the whole family or your group of friends. You will find yourselves not only building your skills together, but laughing and encouraging each other throughout the entire session! Here at Aotearoa Surf School, we can cater to ALL ages and surfing abilities! Check out our kids programs, adults lessons and womens only programs!

benefits of surfing on your health

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